Leading in turbulent times demands creative leaders

The world desperately needs a new breed of leader. A leader who can help nations and organisations navigate the challenges of leading in turbulent times. Success requires leaders with a creative mindset. Leaders who are able to respond to the challenges of the 21st century. 

Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam — former President of India — gave a lecture titled “Creative Leadership in the Global Knowledge Economy” in which he provides the following eight principles for creative leaders

  1. The leader must have a vision for the organisation 
  2. The leader must have the passion to transform that vision into action 
  3. The leader must be able to travel into an unexplored path 
  4. The leader must know how to manage both success and failure 
  5. The leader must have the courage to make decisions 
  6. The leader should have nobility in management 
  7. Every action of the leader should be transparent 
  8. The leader must work with integrity and succeed with integrity 

Without the courage to explore innovative approaches for solving the challenges of today. Leaders fall into the trap of applying old solutions to new problems. What makes creative leaders different is that they blaze new trails!

Creative leaders travel the unexplored path. When everyone is playing it safe creative leaders are pushing forward into the unknown. They challenge the status quo, to pursue the unexplored path with transparency and integrity. 

Turbulent times demands creative leadership. Looking at the principles listed above can you identify those creative leaders around you? Finding it difficult? That’s because creative leaders are in short supply! 

  • Which of the principles are reflected in your leadership? 
  • Which requires more work? 
  • What steps can your take to be more of a creative leader?