The everyday tasks of leadership

The Center for Creative Leadership (CCL) published an interesting article “Everyday Leaders, Everyday Leadership” discussing research they conducted into the lives of everyday leaders, people in home schools and communities. CCL describes the everyday leadership.

“At CCL, we define leadership in terms of tasks, rather than role or position ….. Leaders are people who, in connection with others, accomplish the tasks of setting direction, building commitment and creating alignment.”

CCL’s definition of an effective leader is someone who, in connection with others, is able to accomplish three key tasks of leadership:

  • Setting direction is the articulation of mission, vision, values and purposes. Key questions are: Where are we going? What are we going to do? Why are we doing it?
  • Building commitment involves the creation of mutual trust and accountability, including addressing questions such as: How can we stay together? How can we work better as a group? What can improve cooperation?
  • Creating alignment is about finding common ground and areas of interrelated responsibility. Effective leaders ask: How can we develop a shared understanding of our situation? How can our actions be better coordinated?

This task view of leadership gets to the core of what is means to lead.

How effectively are you…

  • …setting direction?
  • …building commitment?
  • …creating alignment?