When does leadership begin?

Leadership doesn’t begin with your position, title, traits or talent. Leadership begins when you’re deeply connected to a purpose and vision you care about. Leadership begins when you take a stand. It’s only then that leadership begins. Leadership begins when you start working to make your vision a reality. It’s that simple and that difficult! 

“So the ‘how-to’ books and the ‘great-men’ books give people a formula that is missing the most critical ingredient that the great people had, which was they took a stand for something and did what ever had to happen.” — Richard Pascale, Associate Fellow, Oxford University 

Leadership begins when you choose to take a stand for something you care about. Leadership begin when you take a stand for something that matters to you. 

  • Leadership begins when you know what you care about. 
  • Leadership begins when you know the difference you want to make in the world. 
  • Leadership begins when you’re clear about your great work. 
  • Leadership begins when you become connected to your purpose. 

Leadership begins when you’re clear about your great work. You cannot lead without getting clear on what you care about. You will never become a leader chasing things that you don’t care about. 

“Life is too short not to do something that matters.” — Hugh Macleod

Do you have this kind of clarity? Do you know your purpose> Are you clear on your great work? If not you have some work to do. As a start take the following steps: 

  • Pause. Take some time out over the next week or two to get clear on your great work. Get clear on what you care about. Get clear on what matters to you. 
  • Write. Nothing brings clarity and commitment like writing your down your thoughts and ideas. Commit your current understanding of your purpose and great work to paper. 
  • Act. Look for the 2 — 3 most important actions you can take as a step towards your purpose and great work? Act on them this week.